Portrait of Light
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To capture the light in your life!!
* Locations in Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee , Alabama and Florida!


Portrait of Light is photography dedicated to capture the light surrounding your world! Any givin moment there is light in our lives , during childhood, pregnancy, weddings or birthday parties, graduation, senior portraits, moments in our lives that we will cherish forever in our memories! But I am here to capture these moments for you to forever hold from a simple glance! Life is precious, let me hold these moments in time for you!

Pricing is subject to each event or day, as personal as it is to you, we bring you what you want! 

However, our Wedding Photography packages start at $495 and always includes COPYRIGHT TO ALL YOUR EDITED PHOTOS!!

We have specials for Wedding Photography which include Engagement or Boudoir Photos !

Email is: portraitoflight1212@gmail.com

We also rent out a photo booth, enclosed or open backdrop for a discounted price at any event with the photography!!